Gin Yang

Gin is the CTO of IMS and has served the world’s top 500 data products, including RB, Firmenich, Pepsi, etc., China’s first batch of Internet people, has been engaged in the Internet for 20 years, and has repeatedly started businesses from 0 to 1, from execution to management. He has successively engaged in B2B2C shopping malls, medical e-commerce, outdoor home e-commerce, clothing & food & 3C e-commerce, etc., and later started his own business, involving film and television, Internet social short videos. Proposed the concept of “medical e-commerce delivery within 4 hours”, and built the first B2B2C medical e-commerce platform in China. In 2011, the “BI + medical e-commerce combination concept” was proposed to promote the platform with big data. The platform was created to achieve a monthly sales volume of 1,000 in the following year ten thousand
In 2018, he founded Yan Ji as the founder, the first AI video face-changing platform in China. During the launch of IOS, in October 2019, he continuously ranked third in the national hot list and second in the entertainment list, ahead of Pinduoduo, Big platforms such as iQiyi and Weishi.